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Assembly of the 440cc Motor System


To assemble the 440cc motor system, you will need the following:

Oxidizer Tank

Injector Bell

Fuel Grain


100% Silicone Grease (Scuba gear stores carry this.)

Small 1/4" Flathead Screwdriver

One 2-010 O-Ring

One 2-210 O-Ring

Usually the oxidizer tank has the injector bell already attached.  Choose the orifice that provides the proper thrust for the rocket you are going to use it in.  Insert the orifice, with notches for screwdriver pointing towards the fuel grain, into the injector bell.  Using the " flathead screwdriver screw the orifice gently until seated (do not over tighten).  Now apply the 100% silicone grease (do not use Krytox for it may react with the HyEFX fuel grains) to the small 2-010 o-ring and insert it into o-ring slot in the injector bell in front of the orifice.  Now apply the 100% silicone grease to the large 2-210 o-ring and insert it to the outer o-ring slot on the injector bell.  Now take the fuel grain and screw it into the injector bell until flush against the injector bell housing.

Your motor system is now ready to mount into your rocket.  Hypertek motor systems do not have an ejection charge so a timer or altimeter must be used to initiate the recovery sequence.

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